Regarding World CUP Brazil 2014:


30th July 2014 is the official date for the first event i.e. the Preliminary Draw of FIFA World Cup 2014. It is going to be held at the charming location of Marina da Gloria in Rio de Janeiro. The mesmerizing harbor is situated at the foot of the world famous Sugar Loaf Mountain, Marina da Gloria. This splendid destination is a visual treat for all the football fans from all over the world.


If you take a look at FIFA World Cup’s history you will see that Brazil is the 5th country to host for the second time the international association football tournament. Other countries that have hosted it twice are Italy, Mexico, Germany and France. Brazil hosted the first FIFA World Cup in the year 1950. After the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina, this is going to be the first Word Cup to be held in South America.


Brazil succeeded in getting the rights of this immensely watched event on 30th October 2007. But on 30th July 2011, the qualification draw for FIFA World Cup 2012 was held at Rio de Janeiro’s Marina da Gloria. Brazil on being the host nation gets automatically qualified for the championship. A total of 12 cities have been declared to host this event. The last 2010 FIFA was hosted at South Africa.


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Brazil 2014 – Football is coming home:


With the awarding of FIFA World Cup 2014 to Brazil, it can be easily said that football is coming home. Although football was originated and invented in Britain the Brazilians have actually mastered it. They play the game from their hearts and have elevated it to such an extent that it has become a religion for them. The yellow and blue clad Brazilian players have bestowed upon us some memorable moments. They play the game with rhythm and style that no other team seems capable of. The reason for this is that the game is played to a beat of Samba which is the national dance form of Brazil and runs through their heart and soul. They are unstoppable when on the song and people from around the world enjoy watching them play. If you ask football fans the name of the team they would like to see win besides their own, chances are, it would be Brazil.


You may have noticed that over the years, the players who are consistently rated as the world’s best are Brazilian and of course the greatest player ever is Edson Arantes du Nascimento or Pele as we call him. If you go through the records of Brazilian Internationals it states all the great players of Football. Right from Garrincha, Rivelino, Jarzinho and Gerson till the 70’s to Zico and Socrates in the 80’s. in recent times we have witnessed the rise of Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Romario, and late Ronaldinho, Adriano and Kaka. It’s not that they have had some stars over the years in the sides but a full-fledged squad of players any other international coach may dream of having.


Having good individuals doesn’t always form a great side but as compared to any other nation the Brazilians have won more World Cups. Ranked first with 5 wins followed by Italy with 4 wins. However they have also been a part of many final games where they have been defeated, recent one being in 1998 against France the then host nation. To Brazilians winning with style is what matters the most and not just winning. The 1994 World Cup was a triumph minus the Brazilian attacking flamboyance and flair. The 1982 side of Socrates and Zico foiled by Italy perhaps bring more misty eyed response as compared to sides victorious in the USA.  


The 2014 World Cup finals will be a celebration of Football. With fans enjoying it and producing a carnival of passion, noise and color that the locals are already famous for it is going to be an incredible world cup to see the way Brazilians party. After 64 years from last world cup in Brazil where they were defeated in the finals by Uruguay people will hope that history doesn’t repeat itself.  The country will go into mourning if they don’t win but a victory will ignite the biggest party ever in Brazil and that would be worth seeing and waiting for.

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